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Carol J.  Retired Administrator 

Holly, I am incredibly impressed by your book! I hope it finds its way into the hands of grief counselors (perhaps those who work with Hospice for starters...) All individuals would benefit but I could have used the guide while keeping the "long watch" the day I walked out of Hospice House. 

I love that it's a practical handbook , writing space, not just a book. 

Back Massage

Pam H., Retired Elementary Principal 

Hi Holly

I really love your book.

Not grieving a death but having the loss of mobility. I found this to be helpful to me to keep out of severe depression, how to have a positive outlook, and how to handle my feelings with others and how to communicate better. Thank you for sharing..

Testimonials : It's Okay... Scream in the Shower 

 I'm so impressed with your book. As you know, I was on the local Hospice board for a long time and had many opportunities to see and use their collection of "help" books. Yours is one of the best and I would like to purchase one for this hospice  . What I like about the book is that it is the right mixture of quotations, mediations, personal experiences and, of course, practical suggestions.d

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